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Since no two students are exactly alike, Dallas ISD believes that no two students’ learning experiences should be exactly alike either. That is why the district has been working on a strategy that will provide every child a tailored learning experience.

The concept, known as Personalized Learning, is a one-size-fits-one learning approach, something that according to Ashley Bryan, director of Planning and Special Projects in Dallas ISD, is a unique way to give every child what they need in a way that works best for them.

“In a Personalized Learning model you see students in small groups and in a center space approach, much like you would see in our early childhood classes,” said Bryan. “We are moving into that project-based, center-based environment so that there can be Personalized Learning in a classroom.”

Last year, Dallas ISD was selected by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to receive a grant to develop a plan for the Personalized Learning model in schools.

Now, the district is engaging with HKS, an architecture firm, and its fellowship program to help re-imagine class spaces to reflect the needs of a Personalized Learning environment.

We are going to continue working with Dallas ISD in promoting Personalized Learning to get the idea out there,” said Ramon Cavazos, chair of the HKS Fellowship. “We want to make sure Personalized Learning is being heard and hopefully, they can take some ideas from this.”

The HKS designers had the opportunity to present their classroom concepts to a panel of Dallas ISD executives, including Superintendent Mike Miles.

While these designs are for idea purposes only, students like Ivan Gomez say they are ready for the future.

“I wish my high school was already like this,” said Gomez, a student at Moises E. Molina High School. “They have new use of natural light so we get out of the traditional way of studying.”

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