Unlocked Opportunities: Woodrow Wilson High School to UT Austin


Future UT Longhorn, Campbell C. is a Woodrow Wilson High School swimming legend, and now her sights are set on representing Team USA in a Summer Olympics.

“Being a Woodrow student has given me immense opportunities both in the pool and outside the pool,” she said. “It’s given me a space in swimming that is all about fun and getting to be with great people, rather than it just being pressure all the time.

Campbell’s journey began when she was eight years old. Until now, her life is measured in laps swam, miles driven to practices, and hours spent in the pool.

Although her mother, Lydia, also swam for The University of Texas at Austin, Campbell fell in love with the sport and made it her own. She broke her own record at the 2024 UIL 5A Swimming State Championship and holds the title as fastest high school 200 individual medley girl swimmer in Texas. 

“When I started experiencing state-level success and thinking I could make something out of it, I thought not only is swimming something fun that I do in my free time, it’s something I want to pursue because I tasted that success and got addicted to it,” she said.

Running for captain wasn’t Campbell’s initial intention because she didn’t want to be treated differently or seem less humble. However, becoming captain became her way of giving back to the team and helping them grow, a role she now describes as an honor.

“My advice for people aspiring in the sport of swimming is to never give up. It sounds so repetitive and cheesy, but if you keep your head down and keep going, it will turn out good in the end,” Campbell said. “Overall, being swim captain has made me both a better swimmer and a much better friend.”

Now that she’s walked the stage at graduation, Campbell is excited to be on the Women’s Swimming and Diving team at UT Austin while majoring in biochemistry.

“I swim for the people on my team because we’re stronger together. I also swim for me, for the feeling I get at the end of a race when I know I’ve done well,” she said. “Even if it’s not a win, the feeling is incomparable and it’s something I’m going to keep chasing just to feel that again and again.”

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