Unlocked Opportunities: From Carter High School to Prairie View A&M University


During his time at Carter High School, Patrick W. III never tried to fit in. Even though making friends and helping people feel seen comes naturally.

“That was the highlight of my years, not having to change myself. I didn’t try to fit in the crowd for the sake of making friends,” he said. 

Nicknamed ‘Pastor Pat’ by his peers, the senior embraced the role of spiritual guide and often provided them words of inspiration. 

Born and raised in Cedar Hill, Texas, Patrick W. III’s upbringing was grounded in faith and family. 

His father, a respected pastor, instilled in him the values of kindness and respect. His mother, a healthcare professional, inspired Patrick with her commitment to caring for others.

For 14 years, Patrick attended a private Christian school, located over 30 miles from his home. During his time there, he stood out for his academic prowess. He also served as a class preacher where he would share words of inspiration and positivity with teachers and peers.

Despite being one of the only Black students in his grade, Patrick never let that affect his ability to thrive and form meaningful connections. However, he yearned for change.

“I felt like I was missing out on a lot of experiences where I was and didn’t really have any friends where I lived,” he said. 

His desire to experience a diverse environment and create close connections led Patrick to enroll in his mother’s alma mater, Carter High School.

“I just wanted to be in a school where I could see more people that looked like me,” he said.  

As Patrick reminisced on his first day, he recalled experiencing a culture shock, due to the diversity he encountered.

 It was only a matter of time before Patrick began to thrive, but that didn’t come without its challenges. Joining the collegiate program as a junior was a daunting task, and his determination drove him to complete about 1,740 credit hours in two years. Last week, Patrick received his associate’s degree in business. 

Academics weren’t Patrick’s only strong suit. During his two years at Carter, he also contributed to the varsity golf team’s back-to-back district championship victories. Additionally, he was a member of the varsity swim team, and was recently honored as Carter High School’s Athlete of the Year.

Patrick said he thrives best when staying true to himself and hopes to inspire others to do the same. He is committed to helping others, and that dedication inspired him to start his own nonprofit organization, Kid Inspirations. The organization focuses on providing quality resources to children in Dallas’ southern sector.

“The reason why I give to other people is because I’ve been so blessed I feel like I can be a blessing to someone else,” he said.

Patrick was accepted to over 25 colleges and universities. He will attend Prairie View A&M University this fall to study Business Management. 



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