Model UN Conference inspires sixth graders to champion global collaboration


Submitted by the Social Studies department

Over 350 sixth-grade students across Dallas ISD represented 26 countries at this year’s Model United Nations (UN) Conference held at Ellis Davis Field House.

Leading up to the conference, students worked on developing their research skills, public speaking, reading, writing, and problem-solving. They came to the conference prepared to have fun and engage with their peers, as well as exchange ideas and knowledge about their respective countries.

The purpose of the Model UN conference is for students to understand the necessary collaboration that happens in the international community to respond to sustainable development goals that impact countries around the world.

In keeping with the UN General Assembly’s declaration of 2024 as the “International Year of Camelids,” our Model UN raised awareness of the importance of Camelids – a group of animals made up of camels, llamas, and alpacas; which are depended upon by millions of people.

Camelids provide an important source of meat, milk, material (such as wool), mode of transport, and money when they are sold. They are celebrated as an important part of many societies’ cultural identity. Students had to research specific characteristics of their chosen country and step into the perspective of a delegate from their country.

Students also had to decide if they would approve or amend the UN’s resolution to make 2024 the International Year of the Camelids.

Students heard from the Associate Curator of Mammals at the Dallas Zoo, Lisa van Slett. She brought a llama skull for students to view, an alpaca poncho brought from a trip to Ecuador, a bag of powdered camel milk, and a bag full of freshly sheared llama fur for students to take as a souvenir. Van Slett explained the importance of camelids through her experiences at the Dallas Zoo and her travels around the world.

Social Studies School Services gave students globes, atlases, maps, and bags to implement experiences from the Model UN back into their classrooms.

Students enjoyed the experience as they “traveled around the world” all within the Ellis Davis Fieldhouse and tracked their travels using a globe and a marker.

Participating schools and the countries they represented:

  • Judge Louis A. Bedford, Jr. Law Academy – China, India, Panama
  • Harrell Budd Elementary – Canada, Japan, Somalia, Vietnam
  • Billy Earl Dade Middle School – Ethiopia, Honduras
  • Benjamin Franklin International Exploratory Academy – Angola, Brazil, Zimbabwe
  • L.L. Hotchkiss Elementary – Puerto Rico
  • Harold W. Lang Sr. Middle School – Republic of the Congo
  • Ann Richards STEAM Academy – Australia, South Africa
  • Stevens Park Elementary School – Portugal, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Sam Tasby Middle School – Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Scotland
  • School for the Talented and Gifted in Pleasant Grove – Egypt, Madagascar
  • Harry Stone Montessori Academy – Mexico
  • Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School – Italy, Mexic
  • E.D. Walker Middle School – JROTC

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