Wilmer-Hutchins Basketball coach inspires future leaders with launch of Esquire Club


Students at Wilmer-Hutchins High School are learning how to be self-sufficient gentlemen through the school’s new Esquire Club.

Teaching beyond lessons in a traditional classroom setting, the Esquire Club imparts life skills to students through various engaging workshops and activities. Led by Head Assistant Basketball Coach Mauldin, students learn practical skills such as tying a tie, changing a tire, excelling in interviews, and financial planning.

“Mr. Mauldin told me he had something brewing to help change the lives of the young men at Hutch who may not have the guidance back at home,” Brayden B., Wilmer-Hutchins senior, said. “So far, we have learned skills and lessons that help create future leaders and are not taught in core classes such as math and science.”

Mauldin hopes to advance the program by taking his students on college tours or attending a Dallas Mavericks game. “As someone who grew up in the neighborhood, I truly understand the depths of generational poverty our students face and I aim to challenge them each day,” Mauldin said. “We are laying the foundation brick by brick.

For me, I’m not just coaching kids, we’re changing lives. It’s personal.”

In a recent workshop, students received training from Jakiem Bell, a Dallas ISD graduate and human resources staff member with the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. Bell shared insights on creating professional resumes and emphasized the importance of resources like LinkedIn. Bell also brought his 2021 NBA Championship ring for the students to see and hold.

“My confidence has definitely risen and the Esquire club has taught me things a man needs to know,” Isaiah B., Wilmer-Hutchins senior, said. “We can think outside the box and be our own boss through learning various trades and skills.”

Coach Mauldin grew up in the Wilmer-Hutchins community and returned home to teach at Wilmer-Hutchins in 2021. He felt a need to create a program that prepares young men for life after high school, focusing on college, career, and military readiness.

This spring, students in the Esquire Club will be introduced to a variety of topics such as:

  • “Finding a Job” – a mock interview seminar where mentees will learn how to answer challenging questions and experience their first interview.
  • “Mo Money, More Problems” – a financial literacy seminar explaining credit and taxes as well as the power of compound interest.
  • “Entrepreneurship” – a business plan literacy seminar on how to create a business plan.
  • “Survival of the Fittest” – a survival training seminar in which mentees learn how to change a flat tire, check engine oil, tire pressure, and more. 

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