Celebrating Native American heritage with books


November is Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month, and libraries across the district at elementary and middle schools will be getting books with Native American themes.

Working with Library Media services, the Social Studies Department is deploying more than 300 books and some Native American memorabilia to libraries, so students have access to books that celebrate the culture and contributions of Native Americans, not just during November but throughout the year, said Shalon Bond, director of Social Studies.

“We want to heighten the knowledge of Native American culture through identity and voice in our libraries, and we are doing this throughout the year,” she said. “Our libraries are coming back [as part of Project R.E.A.D.], and we can amplify these voices and cultures by reading about them.”

The books that will be shared in libraries—mostly in elementary schools—include biographies of baseball and track pioneers like Jim Thorpe, Native American traditional stories, fiction, and stories based on traditions from the different nations.

“These books will also give our Native American students multiple opportunities to see themselves reflected in books in our libraries,” Bond said.

In addition to copies of books being available soon in school libraries, Library Media Services is also celebrating the month by curating a book list on the Sora library app, soraapp.com/library/dallas, so students and team members can dive into the rich stories and knowledge of Native American cultures.

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