Esports, Dallas ISD’s most successful afterschool program, is thriving


Esports is going strong for fourth- and fifth-grade students who recently competed in the annual Spring Tournament. Approximately 719 young gamers battled it out at Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy for a total of almost 80 participating district schools. 

“The energy was high in the auditorium because of the amazing fact that the final Rocket League game for the spring tournament was a rematch between two schools that had the top teams in the fall tournament,” said Angelina Nuno, project manager for Student Activities. 

Esports was originally planned for only 20 secondary schools back in 2020 and that number has since grown to 170 total schools. 

 “After a successful launch three years ago of the districtwide esports program in secondary schools, the Student Activities department wanted to see if lightning could strike for the second time by expanding the program into elementary schools,” said Julian Spearman, coordinator of Student Activities. “It has been a pleasure to see the fourth and fifth graders participate in esports on their campuses and at tournaments. Adding elementary schools has effectively doubled the number of students participating in the district esports program.”

Another spring tournament will be held for grades 6-12 later this month. 

Spring Tournament Results

Game Ranking School Student
Rocket League First Seagoville Elementary Mateo M, Juan C., & Isaac S.
Rocket League Second Jesus Moroles Expressive Arts Vanguard John B., Tyler J., &   Alex G.
Rocket League Third Khan Elementary School and Lida Hooe Elementary Khan ES: Joel C., Braulio R., & Alexander M.

Lida Hooe ES: Daniel R., Liam G., &  Alfonso H.

Smash Bros First Weiss Elementary Edgar B.
Smash Bros Second Weiss Elementary Juan V.


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