George B. Dealey students taste-test new vegan tacos


Almost 50 lucky seventh- and eighth-graders from George B. Dealey Montessori Academy had the opportunity to taste-test a new recipe for vegan tacos from Dallas ISD’s Food & Child Nutrition Services (FCNS) department. Contrary to traditional taco meat, the taco was made of plant-based meat from chickpeas to create a delicious yet healthy alternative option for students.

Due to the rising popularity and interest in vegan options, a meatless option allows students to try their favorite meal in plant-based form. After the taste test, students were asked to complete a survey on iPads, and about half said they enjoyed the new recipe. Some of the sentiments from the seventh- and eighth-graders were “this is good,” “I can’t tell it’s not meat,” and “It tasted similar to the normal meat, but with a better taste.”

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Vegan Taco Taste-test Survey Results

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