Library transforms into immersive Black History Month museum


School libraries are meant to connect students to information, typically through written literature. The team at the School for the Talented and Gifted in Pleasant Grove (STAG) is enhancing that notion during Black History Month by transforming their library into a pop-up museum. Photos, artifacts, mementos and pieces of history are on display for students to experience during the month of February. Each display depicts an important era in Black history and culture. 

The idea for the museum originated from STAG team members who visited the Green Book Exhibition in Irving earlier this year. The visit inspired them to bring a similar experience to Pleasant Grove.

African American Student Union – Aiyanna W., Jalia S., Nya L., Julian S., Luciana L., Haley B.

With assistance from community members and STAG’s African American Student Union, their idea for an immersive, multi-sensory art and cultural experience came to fruition.

Julian S., an eighth-grade student at STAG, was excited to help execute the pop-up museum. “We researched ideas and helped organize the museum,” Julian said. “We are thankful that our teachers and community members donated their items to create this experience for us.” Among the items on display in the museum are a biography of Kobe Bryant, which he autographed, and a Black doll set representing the significance of cultural representation in toys. 

Felicia Cook, magnet coordinator, and Julian Beltran, world studies teacher, were two of the driving forces behind the museum, and both believe this type of cultural exposure is crucial to our students.

Felicia Cook, magnet coordinator

“It’s important for students to have these experiences so they can have empathy and an understanding of the struggle people have gone through,” Cook said.

The pop-up museum is currently being viewed by all social studies students and will be open in the library until Feb. 28. 


Check out more photos from inside the pop-up museum:

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