Operations and Transportation staff recognized for work during flooding


Superintendent Dr. Stephanie Elizalde joined Chief Operations Officer David Bates to recognize Operations and Transportation staff – including two heroes – at Dallas ISD Administration Building, Wednesday.

“We have heroes throughout our district,” Dr. Elizalde said. “Operations, you all truly are the Wizard of Oz. You are helping everyone else remember that they have heart, that they have brains, and that they have the courage to do the work. You are all behind the curtain, and you push everyone else on-stage so that they can do their work. That’s the most selfless act, always pushing other team members forward.”

Dallas ISD school bus driver Simone Edmond and bus monitor Tekendria Valentine saved two children and an adult during the August 22nd unexpected flooding. The Transportation Services employees and bystanders used the school bus’ extra seat belts to rescue two students and a parent who were swept away by Monday’s high currents.

“Do you know how humbled I am to say that I work alongside people like y’all? That’s to me, truly amazing,” Dr. Elizalde said. “It energizes me to be better. I hope I can be as good as you all are. They weren’t wondering who was watching. You see it in the video, that the only thing that you had in your mind is: how do I save these folks.”


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