Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary School Receives Design Award for New Building


Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary School’s architecture team, Glenn|Partners, has been awarded a 2022 Texas Society of Architects Design Award. A true testament of hard work, commitment, creativity, and the ingenuity of the design process, this new and innovative school merges student curiosity and wonder in a “hive” of learning, collaboration, and activity.  The architect’s website describes the project:

Behind the core design concept for the new $25.8M Hawthorne Elementary School, Dallas ISD sought to provide next-generational and interactive learning opportunities for its elementary school students by creating a “hive” of student connectivity, visual curiosity and learning interaction. The highly innovative facility reconnects the campus by providing safe and collaborative interior student-centered spaces that are open and welcoming, while strengthening the union of students, parents and teachers. Designed to accommodate 650 students, the new 82,000-square-foot replacement school for Dallas ISD significantly improves site logistics with t

hree entry points: main entry for visitors, a secure after-hours entry for community events, and a third entry dedicated for faculty. Administration is located adjacent to the main entry. The multi-purpose gymnasium and cafeteria are located at opposite ends of the facility, providing two main areas for community gatherings and student performances. A student-centered outdoor learning courtyard is located in the heart of the new facility with access from flanking academic corridors, ground level art, music and cafeteria spaces along with an upper-level interactive media center and maker space. Academic houses flank the student outdoor space, providing visual protection while also creating a residential scale to the outside neighborhood. Small learning terraces among the academic houses provide focused outdoor learning opportunities while allowing daylight to fill the academic corridors. A small network of collaboration pods are scattered along both academic corridor levels encouraging open collaboration for students. The solid | void configuration of the collaboration pods punctuates the school’s brand, inspiring the next generation of Hawthorne Hornets.

Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary received a replacement campus as a part of the Bond 2015 program. To find out more about this and other bond projects, visit


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