Portrait of a Graduate: Career Institute senior’s determination overcomes his limitations


Trevor Cunningham, an exemplary student in the Health/Medical pathway at Career Institute East at Lincoln High School, is determined to be a successful registered nurse and to help deaf and hard of hearing people like himself. 

Trevor admits that one of his greatest challenges has been collaborating with other students, but his determination to help others has helped him overcome every obstacle to fulfilling his aspirations. 

“I stay motivated because I like helping people. I am determined to be successful, and I want to help deaf and hard of hearing people,” Trevor says.

His best advice is to “just be yourself.” By simply being himself, Trevor has had the opportunity to be a part of innovative programs. 

Moreover, he participated in an entrepreneurial program, NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship), where he got to work with different organizations and create a presentation on the business he and his teammates created.

The business will be called Screen Me. The idea behind it is to offer services to hospitals for patients who are deaf or hard of hearing, beyond the current services offered for deaf patients who need an interpreter.

Through technology that allows patients to see the interpreter and a doctor, Trevor and his business partners are developing innovative solutions to critical issues among the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Regional Day School for the Deaf has played an integral role in providing communication services for Trevor and others. Carolyn Harris, his sign language interpreter, meets Trevor at Career Institute on the days he attends the program. He and fellow students are transported to and from Woodrow Wilson High School.

Trevor’s forward-thinking business mindset, which has been influenced by his education, is an inspiration to others.

He will start nursing classes at Mountain View College this fall and has also been offered an intern position at Career Institute East in the Medical Health classroom.

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