Pre-K special education student thriving thanks to the staff at Lida Hooe Elementary


Like any parent, Itzel Davis wants the absolute best education possible for her children. Her son, Landon, is a kind four-year-old boy with a love for learning, and a special interest in tornadoes. When Davis and her husband noticed delayed speech development in Landon, they knew that their son might have learning differences. 

The Davis family sought private speech therapy to help Landon, and while they certainly saw growth in Landon through that therapy, the most noticeable growth has come from his time at Lida Hooe Elementary School.

Landon’s school counselor, Ms. Passmore, recommended that the Davis family have Landon go through ECI testing (Early Childhood Intervention Services) in June 2021, and he was placed by August. “The speed at which they conducted everything was amazing,” shared Davis. “ I knew the entire time that they had my son’s best interest at heart.”

Landon was diagnosed with autism and is now receiving special education services in addition to his general education at Lida Hooe Elementary. “His official diagnosis is fairly recent, but since he has been in school, Landon is able to communicate so much better,” said Davis. 

As an educator herself, Davis knows the difference a teacher can make: “My son’s teachers, both his generalist teachers and his SPED teachers, contact me constantly about his progress. They have made sure their goals for my son align with my vision to hold him to the same standards as the neurotypical kids. My son is thriving in that environment.”

The Davis family lives in Fort Worth and have chosen Lida Hooe for their son, saying the commute is well worth it because of Landon’s social progress, love for school, and the support they receive not only for him, but as parents. 

“I just want to thank everyone at Lida Hooe and Dallas ISD for helping my son,” said Davis. “He is an out of district kiddo who they have treated with the utmost importance, and my family is incredibly grateful. Oak Cliff is a wonderful place.”


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