Dallas ISD planning to scale up after school programming and tutoring over next three years


With data showing the pandemic has impacted student learning, Dallas ISD is planning to significantly scale up after school programming and tutoring over the next three years.

District leaders briefed trustees during the May 13 meeting on this part of the comprehensive strategy Dallas ISD is adopting to mitigate learning loss.

Using an equity lens, Dallas ISD identified 61 schools to offer redesigned after school programing every school day from 3–6 p.m. Each campus will have an after school site coordinator, who will receive an additional $5,000 stipend, and the ability to customize their after school programming based on student interest and campus needs. Social and emotional practices will be embedded into the programming, which could include a mixture of tutoring, extracurricular activities and free programming.

“A consistent after school program will close learning gaps, increase equity and encourage a student’s involvement with the school,” said Sharla Hudspeth, executive director for Dallas ISD Extracurricular and Extended Learning Opportunities.

Meanwhile, the district is planning a $12 million investment over the next three years to hire as many as 500 tutors next year and up to 1,800 additional tutors over time to support students.

Deputy Chief of Academic Officer Derek Little said the high-quality tutoring will go well beyond homework help and connect the student to what they are learning in the classroom. A combination of expanded partnerships, joint venture opportunities with high education partners, and hired staff members will help fill the tutoring need.

In addition to expanding tutoring and reimagined after school programming, Dallas ISD will also use high-quality instruction, a redesigned summer learning experience and extended calendar at 47 schools to help mitigate learning loss. Together this represents an investment of up to $100 million over the next two years.

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