Dallas ISD Teacher of the Year Finalist Spotlight: Seneca Denman from Boude Storey Middle School


Seneca Denman was raised in a small rural town in East Texas with six sisters and six brothers and learned early the importance of sharing, taking turns, being patient, and that her parents didn’t play when it came to education. Shaped by those early lessons, today, she serves as social studies teacher and department chair at Boude Storey Middle School, where she draws praise from her principal and colleagues as a campus role model who seeks not only to prepare her students but also to collaborate with and support her peers. Ms. Denman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and History from Paul Quinn College and a Master’s degree in Education Administration with a principal certification from Lamar University. Her classes consistently earn double-digit gains on local and state assessments. A TEI and TIA distinguished teacher who is dedicated to the middle grades, Ms. Denman’s greatest joy is seeing former students all grown up and leading successful lives.

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