Dallas ISD bilingual teacher invests in the future through her students


Ana Pérez: “Dallas ISD is home because it opened its doors and gave me the confidence to teach the future of our country: our children”.

Ana Pérez García is a bilingual teacher at Arlington Park Childhood Center. Throughout her career at the district, she has had wonderful moments alongside her young learners. Recently, she was recognized as Teacher of the Year 2021 for her work and dedication and for using her experience to support her students to grow in their first language (Spanish) while learning and expanding their knowledge in their second language (English).

“We live in a rapidly changing world and, nowadays, knowing more than one language is a necessity. We know that speaking two or more languages opens doors to greater opportunities,” said Pérez.

Arlington Park Childhood Center is a Dallas ISD school and provides an amazing dual language program as well as high-quality education in a safe, encouraging, and enriching environment.

Beginning in 2021-2022, Arlington Park will become a two-way dual language campus, meaning that students whose first language is English will benefit alongside Spanish-speaking students.

“This is definitely a wise change since both groups of students will be able to learn from each other, which will make learning a second language easier,” said Ms. Pérez. “This transition, without a doubt, will also benefit the community at-large because we will be preparing our youngest learners for a better future.”

Learning a second language at an early age brings many benefits, because it improves the cognitive, social, emotional, analytical, and creative skills that are key to a child’s development in a multicultural world.  

“I would like to encourage all parents to give their children the chance to learn a second language in one of the many dual language programs that Dallas ISD offers,” said Pérez.  “Education is the best gift that parents can give their children and being bilingual only adds to that gift and can provide for a better future.”

Arlington Park is home to bicultural leaders! Discover Dallas ISD’s dual language program and become a leader who speaks, reads and writes in two languages.  

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