It takes a village to create an anti-racist school community. Are you engaged?


Dallas ISD invites the community to its April 12 Cultural Intelligence Town Hall, the third in a series of webinars aimed at engaging the community in conversation around how to create an anti-racist school community free of bias and racism and grounded in equity. The town hall will be led by racial equity scholar and trainer Dr. Sandra Upton of the Cultural Intelligence Center. Dr. Upton will provide an overview of cultural intelligence (CQ) and an update on the district’s commitment to achieving equity for all. Importantly, the meeting will also feature a Q&A session to encourage the community to join the conversation.

Dallas ISD’s Racial Equity Deputy Chief Dr. Sharon Quinn says involving the community in the work of racial equity is vital to the progress of Dallas ISD and the community. “Pursuing equity for all is an aspirational goal, something we have to keep working at to achieve progress,” she said. “Making progress on this goal has taken decades and requires a commitment from every generation to take the baton and move it further down the track,” she said. “Dallas ISD wants to serve as a catalyst to keep the movement alive and thriving.”

Community members can visit the district’s Racial Equity Office webpage to learn about Dallas ISD’s commitment to equity and to access downloadable resources. It’s hoped the resources will assist parents, teachers and faith leaders to guide family and community conversations about combating racism and promoting equity.

Pre-registration is required to receive a link to join the conversation, which will be held virtually in English and Spanish at 5 p.m., Monday, April 12. The link to register is available here.

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