T.G. Terry, Adelle Turner and Martin Weiss elementary schools considering alternative calendar


T.G. Terry, Adelle Turner and Martin Weiss elementary schools are considering adopting an alternative calendar to help ensure students don’t fall too far behind because of the pandemic.

They are among the 42 Dallas ISD schools considering adopting an “intersession” calendar, which would extend the school year to start at the beginning of August and end in late June. Click here to see a list of schools considering the intersession calendar.

This would create time for five additional intersession weeks spread throughout the year. During the intersession weeks, select students will have opportunities for more personalized attention in smaller groups, while teachers will benefit from additional planning time at the start of every intersession week. Not all students will be asked to attend the extra intersession weeks.

Every family at a school considering an intersession calendar is asked to complete this survey. Only schools where the teachers, campus staff and families are strongly in favor of the intersession calendar will move forward with the alternative calendar.

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