Dallas ISD builds on 45 choice schools in all parts of the city with new Public School Choice proposal process


Over the past six years, Dallas ISD has launched 45 choice schools in all quadrants of the city.

The choice schools are designed and selected through the annual Public School Choice (PSC) competitive proposal process, which invites internal and external teams to submit proposal to become a transformation or an innovation school. The Public School Choice Competitive Proposal Process, Version 7.0, launched in in June.

“We are committed to bringing innovative and best-fit schools into families’ backyards,” said Shakeatha Butler, director in the Office of Transformation and Innovation. “And we look forward to building on our past successes through this year’s competitive proposal process.”

Data shows that when the Office of Transformation and Innovation added new schools in all areas of town, there was more diversity in student applications and access to the specialty programs. Also, the choice schools have no academic entry requirements and seats are always reserved for students living in the highest tiers of poverty.

Through the PSC competitive proposal process, internal and external teams can submit proposal for transformation (new start-up, open enrollment) schools and innovation (a new academic model inside an existing neighborhood campus) schools.

The full Public School Choice process and relevant information related to PSC 7.0 (Letter of Intent, proposal, resources, timeline, etc.) can be found here. Interested applicants have until September 4th to submit a letter of intent. For mare information you may contact Shakeatha Butler at shakbutler@dallasisd.org .


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