Downtown Montessori: A great option for families living and working in downtown Dallas


Downtown Montessori at Ida B. Wells Academy is set to become Dallas ISD’s first Pre-K to 2nd grade Montessori school located in the heart of Dallas. With each passing year, a grade level will be added, up to 8th grade.

The school’s ideal location allows the district to address the needs of parents who live and work in downtown Dallas. Also, it will be an innovation school, meaning it will have access to additional resources to implement innovative models that align with the instructional needs and interests specific to every student.

Juan Pérez is a counselor at Downtown Montessori and part of the team brought together by principal Olga Korobovskaya.

“I was a teacher in traditional schools, and I can say the Montessori model allows us to focus on the students in a more personalized way, so they can learn and explore at their own pace,” said Pérez. “We all learn differently and have distinct talents, so when a student develops a talent or becomes proficient in a subject area, their teacher will help them find more challenging and engaging areas of study.”

Classrooms are made up of two teachers and small groups of students of different grades and academic levels intentionally placed in the same classroom, which allows them to develop different social and emotional skills.

The Montessori method provides a multicultural environment and a wide variety of instructional activities and services such as:

-Monthly field trips for students where they will learn through concrete real-world examples.

-Students will have the opportunity to learn English, Spanish, and French.

-Free transportation for all students.

-Programs and activities with flexible schedules for after-school care.

-Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner will be available to students.

“Downtown Montessori will open temporarily in the University of North Texas building on Main St., allowing elementary students greater exposure to college life,” said Pérez.

Due to the ongoing school closure, the enrollment process has been moved online for the 2020-2021 school year. To access the Choice School Application, visit

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