Incoming ninth-graders can develop workforce-ready skills at Career Institutes


Current eight-graders can register online to attend a Dallas ISD Career Institute (CI), where they can learn and master skills that are in high demand in a variety of industries.

The district’s three CIs offer industry-standard training and career and technical education in eight diverse pathways. Upon completion of each pathway course, students can earn industry-based certifications and become workforce-ready for high-skill, high-paying, high-demand jobs.

Most Dallas ISD traditional high schools will offer access to one of the three CI campuses, depending upon their location. The three CI campuses are scheduled to open at the beginning of the upcoming school year in August 2020. Depending on the designated CI campus, students can study the following pathways:

  • Aviation
  • Construction and Carpentry
  • Electrical and Solar Technology
  • Interior Design
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Plumbing and Pipefitting
  • Mechatronics/Advanced Manufacturing
  • Cybersecurity

Incoming ninth-grade or current ninth grade students can fill out this Google Form or contact their school counselor to enroll into a CI program for the upcoming school year.

Approximately 800 freshmen enrolled in a CI program during the 2019-2020 school year. The current students are taking a Principles of Construction class at their home campus in preparation for the CI campus opening.

Beginning in August 2020, students will spend half the school day at their home campus and half the day at a Career Institute every other day. The days spent at the CI vary depending on the high school.

Free transportation to and from the Career Institute campus

Dallas ISD will provide free transportation for all CI students from their home-campus and back, every other school day. Students will spend 180 minutes (two class periods, plus lunch) at their respective CI campus.

The CI periods will be split into a morning and an afternoon shift.

Students from the a.m. shift will be transported from their home campus to the CI, as soon as they arrive at school in the morning. They will stay at the CI for two periods and lunch, and will be transported back to their high school to continue with their core classes.

The students in the p.m. shift will be transported to the career institute, where they will have lunch and will take two classes. Afterwards they will be returned to their high school, where they can catch the bus home or stay at the campus for extracurricular activities.

Approximately 1,300 incoming freshmen have expressed an interest in joining for the upcoming school year. Students and parents who wish to learn more regarding the campus designation, the transportation system and the pathways can visit:

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