Dallas ISD offers cybersecurity awareness training, is in compliance with state mandate


In June of 2019, Texas State Legislature passed House Bill 3834, a bill requiring local and state government employees, district trustees and contractors, to complete a Department of Information Resources (DIR) approved cybersecurity awareness training. Dallas ISD has established a formal training to meet the state mandate. The training is now available in Cornerstone.

Under HB 3834, employees and board members who have access to a local government computer are required to take the cybersecurity awareness training. Exceptions include custodians, maintenance and facility personnel, bus drivers, service center drivers and campus-based food service employees whose job responsibilities do not include the use of a computer. If you are unsure whether you need to complete the cybersecurity training, check with your supervisor.

The cybersecurity training is made up of seven independent modules that last between five to seven minutes each. The modules can be taken in any order and on multiple days. Each module has a set of questions to test your knowledge. The course focuses on forming habits that secure information and teaches users the best practices for identifying and addressing security threats.

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