Dallas ISD offers multiple avenues for At-Home Learning Support


Are you a parent looking for tips to build reading skills?  Need clarification about an assignment? Are your child’s math problems puzzling? The good news is that help is available.

To provide timely answers to parents’ questions about at-home learning, Dallas ISD has implemented several avenues for parents to receive support. Parents should first reach out to their child’s teachers with questions about instruction, but additional help is also available.

During At-Home Learning, the experts in Dallas ISD’s Teaching and Learning division are available to provide support for all areas of instruction via three platforms:

  1. Submit your question via the Content Department Help Desk tab on the At-Home Learning Page.
  2. If your question is related to a particular grade level of math or other subject area, choose a grade level expert from the tabs on the Let’s Talk Teaching & Learning page.
  3. Select a specific subject area and send a message about topics ranging from Advanced Placement subjects and social studies to library services and social emotional learning from the Teaching and Learning webpage.

Knowledgeable staff are monitoring all of the avenues and stand ready to provide a timely response to emailed questions.

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