All district facilities are being deep cleaned and disinfected over spring break


To help ensure a healthy learning environment, the Dallas ISD Environmental, Health and Safety Department has hired two board-approved disinfection contractors to treat all Dallas ISD facilities over spring break.

The disinfection contractors–Germ Blast and Disinfect–are using EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved anti-bacterial/anti-viral disinfectant applied via electrostatic mist sprayers. The disinfectant has a positive charge, meaning it will attract and kill germs it comes in contact with for 90 days after it is sprayed.

The disinfectant was previously sprayed in every district bus.

Schools and central staff offices were urged to make sure all desks and surfaces are cleared going into spring break in preparation for the cleaning.

“Keeping our schools and students safe is our top priority,” Chief of School Leadership Stephanie Elizalde said. “This is a worthwhile investment to help stop the spread of germs or illnesses inside our facilities.”

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