Four Dallas ISD students qualify for Parrish Charitable Foundation Public Debate tournament, $15,000 in college scholarships


Through a partnership with entrepreneur and philanthropist Roland G. Parrish and the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance, four Dallas ISD students recently qualified for The Parrish Charitable Foundation’s Public Debate.

The four students – selected from the top varsity speakers at the Parrish Charitable Foundation Tournament – will face off in a public debate in April. The topic of the public debate is: Stealing signs has been a part of the rich history of baseball, our national pastime, over a century, without punishment. Now that we are in the digital and electronic age, should heavy penalties and punishment (fines, suspensions, termination, etc.) be levied against managers, coaches and players for using current technology?

The qualifying students represent four Dallas ISD high school campuses:

  • Olivia Northcutt-Wyly (School of Science and Engineering)
  • Asya Taylor (Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet)
  • Francesca Gilbard (School for the Talented and Gifted)
  • Josue Cabrera (Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy)

The four students will be awarded scholarships totaling $15,000, with the winning team splitting a $10,000 prize and the runner-up splitting the remaining $5,000. The awards will be held in a trust at Bank of America until the students complete high school.


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