The 2020–2021 Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) opens Oct. 1


The application to request student aid from the federal government opens Tuesday, Oct. 1.

All graduating seniors who are American citizens are eligible to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (or FAFSA).

Every year, the federal government allocates more than $120 million in grants and loans for more than 13 million college students. Students who plan to attend a college or university during the 2020-2021 academic year can request funds to pay for higher-ed costs. 

“Many students worry that tuition and the other costs of continuing their education will be out of reach. But don’t let the potential costs stop you,” the FAFSA website states. “Most students receive some kind of financial aid, and a few students even get a ‘free ride’ with all their costs covered.”

Most Dallas ISD high schools have available advisors who guide students through the college application process. College Access providers assist with college-readiness tasks, such as:

– Submission of college applications

– FAFSA / TASFA completion

– Scheduling college visits

– SAT / ACT registration

Parents and students can visit the Post Secondary Department website to learn more about the College Access providers at each campus.

Where do I apply?

The application is available on FAFSA’s website at (in English and in Spanish). Parents and students can also access the application through the “myStudentAid” mobile app. This software is available for Apple and Android phones. 

Can I still apply if I’m not a U.S. citizen?

Texas residents who are not U.S. Citizens, legal permanent residents, or eligible noncitizens can still receive student aid. The students who do not qualify for FAFSA are encouraged to complete the the Texas Application for Financial Aid (TASFA).

Is there a deadline?

The FAFSA application will remain open until June 30, 2021. However, January 15th is the deadline for priority consideration in Texas. This means that the students who submit the complete application before this date may be eligible to receive more funds than those who apply after the deadline.

Each college or career school might have its own deadlines as well. FAFSA’s website recommends that students check with each institution that they’re interested in attending. 

I haven’t decided which school I want to attend.

Each applicant is required to list between one to 10 schools in the FASFA. The listed institutions will automatically receive the document. They will use the application to determine the types and amounts of aid you may receive. Students can add more schools to the FAFSA form later

“You should add any school that you plan on applying to, even if you haven’t been accepted yet. In most cases, once a school accepts you, they will then work on developing your aid offer,” FAFSA’s website states.


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