Fifteen Dallas ISD students are National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists


Fifteen Dallas ISD students have been named among the 16,000 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists, with a chance to become one of the 7,600 finalists who will take home scholarships worth a combined $31 million.

More than 90 percent of the semifinalists are expected to reach the finals, with about half of the finalists earning a National Merit Scholarship.

The Dallas ISD National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists are:

School for the Talented and Gifted

  • Carter Adcox
  • Julia Benginow
  • Abitamim Bharmal
  • Dominique Castanheira
  • Jessie Cheung
  • Abel Fetahi
  • Abigail May
  • Amber Miranda
  • Adrienne Tang

School of Science and Engineering

  • Sravani Boggaram
  • Kiera McCollom
  • Carlos Medrano
  • Aneesh Sharma
  • Avash Shrestha

Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

  • Miles Shickman

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