Community members wanted to serve on 2020 bond sub-committees


In order to address the facility and technology needs of the district, Dallas ISD is in the planning process for a potential 2020 bond election.

In June 2019, the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees approved a charter to establish a Citizens Bond Steering Committee (CBSC). The CBSC is structured so that several sub-committees will be formed to concentrate on specific needs within the district and provide recommendations to the CBSC. The committee will provide a final report and recommendation to the Board of Trustees in August 2020. For this reason, the district is seeking volunteers to serve on the sub-committees.

Volunteers are needed to serve on:

  • Finance Sub-Committee
  • Facilities Sub-Committee
  • Technology Sub-Committee
  • Academics (Fine Arts/STEM) Sub-Committee
  • Transformation and Innovation Sub-Committee
  • Athletics Sub-Committee
  • Safety/Security Sub-Committee

In terms of time commitment, all work will be completed no later than January 2020. The remaining portion of the school year will be used to share the findings with the various communities throughout the district and provide them with the opportunity for input.

Each sub-committee chair will establish the timeline for completion of their report, once given the presentation date of their final report to the CBSC. The sub-committees are expected to meet a maximum of 5-6 times in order to complete their task.

Potential volunteers can go here to sign up to serve on a sub-committee. A maximum of 10 community volunteers will be selected for each bond sub-committee. In forming each sub-committee, it will be a priority to ensure all ethnicities and demographics are well represented.

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