Super Senior: Graduating Oak Cliff student is heading to Yale


Victor Nuñez, who is getting ready to graduate from Trinidad “Trini” Garza Early College High School at Mountain View, is also taking the road less traveled, a road that for many is also an unattainable dream…he’s going to Yale University.

Not only has he been accepted into Yale, Nuñez was awarded a full-ride scholarship that will cover all of his college expenses.

“Victor is a very accomplished student and I am so proud of him,” said Macario Hernandez, principal at Trinidad “Trini” Garza Early College High School. “Opportunities like this don’t come by easily, but it’s not impossible. Victor deserves this scholarship without a doubt because of his academic achievement. I hope that Victor will be an inspiration for other youth in our community, and that they know that it is possible to make their dreams come true.”

Nuñez says he’s very happy about his accomplishments, but at the same time, he’s also nervous about moving so far away from his family. He’s the youngest of eight siblings and will be the first to go to college away from home.

“I am so thankful for having been granted a full ride scholarship. Now, I won’t have to worry about how to pay for school, and I’ll be able to focus completely on my classwork,” said Nuñez. “I hope that this will inspire other students, so they know that these opportunities are within reach.”

Nuñez wants to study biochemistry and become a medical researcher who helps find the cure for worldwide diseases.

His family, originally from Zacatecas, Méxicom live in the Arcadia Park neighborhood in Oak Cliff. They have expressed how proud they are of Nuñez because he will be the first of his siblings to attend a four-year college.

“Victor always accomplishes what he sets his mind to do,” said his mother, Mrs. Nuñez. “We always knew he would go far, but we never imagined he would be given such an amazing opportunity and, well, now we support him even more so that he can succeed in accomplishing his dreams.”


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