Fire safety day turns everyday kids into everyday heroes


More than 200 students at Frederick Douglass Elementary School were deputized as Junior Fire Marshals and got a hands-on fire safety lesson exploring a mobile fire simulation house.

Texas Rangers baseball legend Michael Young joined The Hartford and the Dallas Fire-Rescue to help educate children about the importance of fire safety. Young kicked off the event by pumping up the students for a fun and interactive day that also emphasized vital safety tips.

“I want you guys to know that it’s never too early and you’re never too young to understand the importance of fire safety, caring for your loved ones and being a good neighbor,” Young said.

The Junior Fire Marshal program is designed to teach children that the best way to stay safe is to prevent a fire from starting. And, if there is a fire, to act quickly in a way that will minimize their chance of harm.

Students experienced a fire simulation in the mobile fire safety house as smoke billowed from beneath the only door into a bedroom. Firefighters instructed them to crawl toward the nearest window, using the ‘go low in smoke’ method to safely escape down a ladder outside.

After a fire truck tour, students had the chance to apply all the safety tips they learned by drawing their very own home fire escape plan. These lessons, along with other fun, engaging and educational activities, help parents and teachers have meaningful and vital fire safety conversations with children and students.

The Hartford also donated $20,000 to Dallas ISD and the Dallas Fire-Rescue for fire safety education. Douglass Elementary was selected as a fire safety demonstration site based on its location, which sits in a high fire area based on data by The Hartford and fire officials.


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