Thanksgiving a great time to practice habits of gratitude, show thanks


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we want to encourage all of our students, Dallas ISD staff members and families to make time for gratitude.  The habit of gratitude and appreciating important aspects of our lives are closely linked with Social and Emotional Learning, especially the competencies of Self-Awareness and Relationship Skills.

As you reflect on the positive aspects of your life (family, friends, safety, health, etc.), be sure to pass it on and share that gratitude by:

  • Writing a thank you note to a friend, neighbor, or colleague who has helped you
  • Taking time in a staff meeting to verbally share thanks to team members or write appreciation notes
  • Calling a long-distance friend or family member to let them know that you’re thinking about them and value their support
  • Running an errand for someone or bringing a small item for them as a favor (coffee, favorite snack, etc.)

We wish all of our Dallas community members happiness, health, and quality time with loved ones during this season of gratitude!

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