Student transfer requests for next school year due by end of March


The deadline to apply for student transfers for the 2018-2019 school year is March 31.

Since last year, students in Dallas ISD may apply for a transfer from their assigned school to another district school for any reason. Approvals are based on space being available for the grade level requested.

In addition to current Dallas ISD students, those who live in another school district may apply to attend a Dallas ISD school – as long as space is available for their grade at their chosen campus. Students may apply at any time during the regular school year for new out-of-district transfers.

Neither in-district or out-of-district students need to reapply for transfers for the following school year as long as there is space and they meet transfer expectations.

Those expectations call for students to attend school regularly, maintain passing grades, follow the student code of conduct and participate in school. Parents are asked to help their students meet those expectations and also be supportive of their child’s new campus.

The process changed last year to be more simple and help additional families find their best-fit Dallas ISD school. Transfers no longer require a curriculum- or hardship-related reason.

Find information and apply from this page.


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