Students lead conversation on how to prevent and address gun violence (video)


Dallas ISD students led honest, respectful conversations on how the district, greater community and entire country can address threats of gun violence and threats in schools.

Students from almost every high school attended the Course Correction Conversation: Student Edition event held at Briscoe Carpenter Livestock Center at Fair Park. Bishop Omar Jahwar, CEO of Urban Specialists, Inc., moderated the event.

“The students are having conversations about what to do in the event that they see something suspicious, that they need to say something, and then what can we as a group do together to correct the issues that students are seeing,” said Sherry West Christian, Dallas ISD assistant superintendent of Student Services.

Chazz Roper, a student at the School of Business and Management, said the students were encouraged to bring these conversations back to their schools and communities.

“We are empowering students to know that we have experiences with this and our opinions really do matter,” he said.

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