All schools will soon accept credit card payments for school-related expenses


Dallas ISD is bringing a program districtwide that will allow all schools to accept credit cards, debit cards or “e-checks” online or at the campus to pay for everything from field trips to campus related fees to donations to the schools.

Currently, 90-percent of secondary schools now participate in RevTrak, which means parents can pay for school-related expenses online and not have to send a check or cash to school with their kid. The plan is that the remainder of secondary and all elementary schools will receive training and start using RevTrak beginning in mid-April.

“The success of RevTrak has spread by word-of-mouth through the campuses, and many are now asking to be added to the program for the convenience of their students and parents, and to also alleviate their workloads and give themselves more time to provide customer service to their students, parents and campus staff,” said Darlene Williams, executive director of Treasury Services. “Additionally, we now have central departments asking to be added to this process, and we are working to add them as fast as we and our IT staff can accommodate these additions, all while giving our campus implementations precedence.”

Dallas ISD is working with the vendor, RevTrak, to allow the schools to accept credit card, debit card and e-check payments. RevTrak charges a small convenience fee on the transactions, so Dallas ISD does not lose or make any money from the transactions. Parents still have the option to pay by cash or check at the campus versus online.

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