Solar students part of global effort to stack up against world record


Students at Dallas ISD’s Solar Preparatory School for Girls were part of a global effort on Thursday, Nov. 9, to have more than 635,000 people participate during the day in cup-stacking activities to break a Guinness World Record.

The “Stack Up!” challenge has been coordinated by the World Sport Stacking Association since 2006. Last year’s effort had more than 622,000 verified participants.

The sport of cup-stacking involves stacking cups in preset patterns, with competitors trying to beat their opponents’ times while also adding their own flair.

Solar Prep teacher Mayra Trillo guided the students through five cup-stacking stations, including a relay, two-person stacking and team-stacking of giant cups. The high-energy activities involved speed, accuracy, teamwork and – more often than not – grins and giggles.

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