Teachers, staff put in hard work to ready schools for first day


When Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary School students return to class on Monday, Aug. 28, they will not just walk back into school: they will enter different kingdoms built to get them excited for learning.

Teachers and staff at the school have been hard at work transforming the school into different themed kingdoms: Space, Lego, Adventure, Moana, and Underwater, to name a few. Not only are the different hallways now colorful kingdoms, the classrooms have related themes, as well.

Lowe Elementary Principal Sandra Barrios and Assistant Principal Cecilia Bados said they were proud of the teachers and staff for working so hard to transform the campus for the start of school.

“Decorating the hallways and classrooms has led to incredible team building and collaboration among our team,” they said. “Our school has been transformed, and this will show our students that we are proud of who we are and that we really care about them.”

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