Quintinilla Middle School alums open letters they wrote to themselves 10 years ago (video)


Students who were eighth-graders at Quintinilla Middle School in 2007 returned to the school May 2 to pick up and read letters they wrote to themselves 10 years ago.

Some students cried; some students laughed; and many students did both.

Bill Betzen started the School Time-Capsule Project at Quintanilla Middle School in 2005 while working at the school as a teacher. Betzen has since retired but remains active in Dallas ISD.

Due to the overwhelmingly strong interest, Betzen said Quintinilla will have a second reunion on May 15 for those who still want to pick up their letters. The reunion will be open to everybody who attended the school from 2005–2007, as well as friends of people who attended Quintinilla and want to pick up their letters on their behalf.

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