Kindergarten builds an important foundation for the littlest learners


National Kindergarten Day is Friday, April 21, and it’s a chance to celebrate how Dallas ISD kindergarten prepares students for lifelong success.

Dallas ISD pre-K registration kicked off earlier this month, and thousands of families have already signed their child up. Derek Little, assistant superintendent of Early Learning, said he is thrilled by the strong interest in pre-K, and added that those students who go on to Dallas ISD kindergarten will see even greater benefits.

“Students who go from our pre-K to kindergarten classrooms continue having great experiences with their peers, get even more comfortable with their teachers, and their parents get more acclimated with the school,” Little said. “We are working to ensure a seamless transition from pre-K to kindergarten, and then to first-grade, so these students are comfortable and ready to learn.”

Dallas ISD kindergarten is full day, and there are still bilingual options. Dallas ISD kindergarten builds on what students love about pre-K—center-based learning, plenty of time to have fun and play with their peers—while the skills and academic content gets more rigorous.

“Even though kindergarten is voluntary, it’s critically important because it gives students the building blocks they need to succeed in life,” Little said. “Students who attend Dallas ISD pre-K and kindergarten start first-grade with a big head start on their peers.”

Every Dallas ISD elementary school offers full-day kindergarten. Parents can go here to register online starting June 1.

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