Conrad High School students win Cooking Up Change competition


Emmett J. Conrad High School’s Jorge Bahena, Trishna Biswa and Karla Bocanegra won Saturday’s Cooking Up Change competition with their Crispy Chicken Tender Wrap, Sassy Italian Corn and Banana Delight menu.

Cooking up Change® is a national healthy cooking competition launched by Healthy Schools Campaign.  It challenges teams of high school culinary students to create menu items that are not only healthy, but also meet nutrition guidelines and the budgetary constraints (about $1 per meal) that School Food Services programs across the country face today.  It’s a program that allows students to be involved in the conversation as campuses across the country strive to serve healthful, great-tasting school food that their classmates would enjoy eating at school.

The culinary team from Conrad High School celebrates their win.

The winning Dallas Independent School District meal will be served at district schools starting in May and the winning students win an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. in June to compete at the national competition at the U.S. Department of Education.  There’s also a chance the student meal will be served to U.S. Representatives in D.C.

The following teams of students proudly represent their respective high schools at the Dallas ISD competition, serving the following meals:

Bryan Adams High School                              Gladis Gonzales, Valerie Silva, Crystal Ochoa
Team #1                                                          Chicken Sandwich Delight, Baked Fries and Pears & Cinnamon Oats 

Bryan Adams High School                              Perla Garcia, Fabiola Flores, Gabriel Campbell
Team #2                                                          Penne Pasta with Marinara sauce, Steamed Broccoli, and a Side of Banana

Emmett J. Conrad High School                      Jorge Bahena, Trishna Biswa, Karla Bocanegra
                                                                           Crispy Chicken Tender Wrap, Sassy Italian Corn and Banana Delight

Lincoln High School                                        Elisabeth Fugett, Radriyian Nixon
                                                                          Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Zucchini Fries and Cinnamon Bananas

Moises E. Molina High School                  Samuel Infante, Eryn Sherwood, Cynthia Alvarado
Team #1                                                          Southwest Black Bean Bake, Curried Cole Slaw and Apples & Peanut Butter

Moises E. Molina High School                      Mya Bables, Ana Gorostieta, Victoria Rodriguez
Team #2                                                             Curry in a Hurry, Fresh Stop Cucumbers and Ginger Pears

Moises E. Molina High School                   Alexis Espinoza, Jennifer Esparza, Nereida Arvizu
Team #3                                                          Spicy Chicken and Rice, Italian Cucumber and Tomato Salad, PB & Banana

Roosevelt High School                                   Cierra Turner, Kera Morgan, Berenice Pacheco
Team #1                                                            Curry Tuna Delight, Sona Beans and Ginger Apple Sauce

Roosevelt High School                                   Jose Serrano, Alexus Dixon, Jasmine Garcia
Team #2                                                           Crispy Tex-Mex Chicken Quesadilla, Spicy Beans and Hot Hot Bananas

Skyline High School                                        Ronisha Wortham, Silvia Sastre
Team #1                                                             Spicy Chicken Tender Sandwich, Garlic Fries and Cinnamon Bananas

Skyline High School                                        Kailee Orozco, Marlene Lopez, Nicholas Dibbles
Team #2                                                            Surprise Rice, Tomato & Bell Pepper Salad and Peaches with Oat Topping 

Townview Magnet Center                               Marlene Escalante, Kaulyn Henderson, Guillermo Camacho
                                                                              Nutra-wrap, Broccoli Salad and an Orange

Teams of two or three culinary students from the district’s culinary arts program followed a rigorous recipe development process with a limited list of ingredients to create dishes that are low in calories, fat, sugar and sodium.  Dietitians carefully checked each recipe to meet nutritional requirements.


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