Children’s Health programs foster student activity, health (video)


A partnership between Dallas ISD and Children’s Health has provided two incredible programs to keep students active and healthy.

GoNoodle, an online interactive program, gives students fun breaks in between lessons at 157 Dallas ISD Schools.

“Teachers absolutely love it,” said Jennifer Finley, director of Dallas ISD Health Services. “The nice thing about GoNoodle is that it’s not just designed for the younger population, it really does span K-12.”

Ayden, a first-grader at Edna Rowe Elementary School, agrees. “I like doing GoNoodles because they are fun and we can get a lot of exercise from them,” she said.

Eighteen Dallas ISD schools have TeleHealth, which connects doctors to the school clinics via two-way video. The service provides needed medical attention without students having to leave school.

“So if a child comes into the nurse’s office with, say a sore throat or an earache, the nurse dials in, makes an appointment and they are actually seen by a pediatric provider through Children’s,” Finley said. “Parents can actually come up to the school and join in on the conversation as the doctor is doing the visit on their child.”

The collaboration is expected to improve student achievement, increase of asthma management and decrease of student absenteeism.

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