Cosmetology program gives students tools to shine (video)


Skyline High School’s cosmetology program has been helping students find beautiful futures since 1972.

Instructor Sheryl Landman said students become licensed cosmetologists in their senior year, earning them experience and income. She works to place them in a job and monitor their progress for a year until they graduate. Working closely with salons in the community pays off every year.

“My job is really easy because they start calling me in April and May and saying, ‘How many students do you have? This is what we need,’ ” Landman said. “I place them in positions that I know they will excel in.”

Graduating with their cosmetology licenses and a year of experience puts students on a path to success. Landman said for those who will attend college, working as a cosmetologist is often how the students will pay their way.

“We want students to be able to do whatever they want to do,” she said. “If college is their pathway, then we want to help them get to college.”

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