IDEA students are mentor-ready: are you?


Students at the Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) are ready for mentors, and the community is stepping up.

IDEA, one of Dallas ISD’s five Personalized Learning campuses, is bringing students into the community, and the community into the school. Through IDEA’s 1:1 mentoring program, more than 125 community volunteers are spending two hours per month helping students navigate high school, college applications, and career preparation.

“[My mentor] gives me a positive outlook on the future,” said Kailyn Jackson, a ninth-grader. “I am less nervous about making mistakes now. She’s like a big sister I got to pick”

To participate in the program, IDEA students must earn “mentor-ready” status through the application of key next generation skills. Currently, 50 mentor-ready students are awaiting a match.

Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Learn more about the program and complete the brief application here before the next training day on February 17th!


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