AlumNow: Nancy Palacios exemplifies service through her job


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After graduating from Seagoville High School in 2009, Nancy Palacios continued exemplifying service through her profession. She is a registered nurse at UT Southwestern Medical Center currently enrolled at Baylor University working toward her Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree in hopes of continuing to empower others. Throughout her high school career she found mentors who steered her toward her dream and now strives to do the same.

AlumNow, The Hub feature that profiles Dallas ISD alumni, connected with Palacios who shared how her high school career led her to where she is now and her advice to current students.

What are you doing now?

I am a registered nurse at UT Southwestern Medical Center. I help care for Neurology, Orthopedic and Internal Medicine patients on a Med/Surg floor. I am a charge nurse, a preceptor for new nurses, and have been cross trained to serve as a care coordinator as well.

Briefly list a few of your career and/or personal highlights.

Despite all odds, I became a registered nurse. But it doesn’t end there! I am currently enrolled at Baylor University, working toward my Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree with Family Nurse Practitioner major. As a FNP, I know I will be able to give back to my community in a greater way and that excites me! I am a big advocate for education and have worked with senior citizens in Dallas, teaching them about strokes. I hope to continue empowering others, as I was once empowered.

What was your favorite subject or activity/involvement in high school?

National Honor Society was my favorite organization! We had a solid group of students who truly wanted to make a difference in our community. We visited nursing homes, participated in walks, and even cooked breakfast for our U.S. Veterans at school. Our chapter was committed to scholarship, service, leadership and character. Through NHS, I overcame my fears and even became Vice President. I can definitely say it helped me grow and set the pace for what was to come.

Who was your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher was Ms. Bell. She taught me French I,II, and III, as well as AP English. I enjoyed her classes because of her organization and discipline. Everyone knew that the moment we walked in her class, there was no room for games. She was an excellent teacher, but above all an extraordinary mentor, who was willing to go above and beyond. I especially enjoyed her AP English class! It was challenging but interactive. That year, I even passed my AP English Language exam and got credit for college.

What lessons did you learn in high school or beyond that that has served you well through the years?

I learned that anyone has the potential to go far beyond what their eyes can see! I am a 1st generation college student. Seeing where I came from and knowing how expensive college was, made my dream of becoming a nurse seem nearly impossible. Thankfully, I had great mentors who guided me and showed me otherwise. They showed me what I needed to do to attend college. Senior year I received over 16 scholarships that would cover my entire tuition and more. What they taught me was invaluable. Education is power.

What advice, if any, would you offer to high school students today?

We all have challenges, but don’t let them stop you! Let them be your motivation to propel yourself toward success. Join organizations, volunteer and find a mentor to help you along the way. Many times, we let fear of the unknown hold us back from reaching our true potential. When fear grabs a hold of you, shake it off! To develop character and leadership, you must take opportunities that will help you grow. No matter how difficult or frightening they may seem, take those opportunities. Stop living in fear.


Stephen F. Austin State University, 2012

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