Early Learning lays foundation for future success (video)


Walk into a prekindergarten classroom, and you’ll hear laughter and see children playing. To most people, it looks like unstructured playtime. But the fun environment is actually a carefully designed structure which gives our youngest students the best chance for success.

According to Derek Little, Dallas ISD’s Assistant Superintendent of Early Learning, the games and interactions are helping children with language development, and building the skills necessary to become effective readers.

“We want every student in Dallas ISD to ultimately read on grade level and to be literate, and that work starts in early learning,” said Little.

PreK classrooms meet children where they are, and teach them important lessons about how things relate to themselves and others, and the mental processes they need to go through to evaluate their environment. The classroom creates a safe space for students to become great listeners, thinkers, communicators and teammates, said Little.

Even though school has started, parents can still enroll their child in one of Dallas ISD’s many prekindergarten programs to give them the best chance of success in school. Simply go to your local elementary school and inquire to start the process.

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