Dallas ISD police officers and personnel assisted in aftermath of Thursday’s deadly shooting


More than 15 Dallas ISD police officers and emergency management personnel voluntarily responded to help fellow officers during Thursday night’s deadly shooting downtown.

The Dallas ISD officers weren’t paid for their efforts to assist in the shooting’s immediate aftermath, but they wanted to do their part to step up in a time of tragedy.

“These were officers who were at home with their families, they saw their fellow officers needed help, so they rushed out to help however they could,” Dallas ISD Police Chief Craig Miller said. “Police officers run toward danger, not away from it. Our police officers have a strong sense of duty.”

Dallas ISD police officers are trained, hold firearms, and have the same powers and abilities as all other police officers in Dallas.

Miller said Thursday night’s tragedy especially hit home, since the ambush targeted fellow Dallas police officers.

“All police officers bleed blue, and we will come to each others sides when needed,” Miller said. “Our hearts go out to those who were shot in Thursday’s ambush, and Dallas ISD police officers are here to step up and help out in any way needed. “


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