Gonzales Elementary cafeteria team awarded for excellence


Thursday was a special day for the cafeteria staff at Henry B. Gonzales Elementary.

A surprise assembly in the school’s auditorium was put together by Principal Juan Cordoba and staff to showcase their true appreciation of all the cafeteria staff’s hard work and dedication. Bonnie Cheung, Director of Finance at Food and Child Nutrition Services, as well as the area supervisor Stephanie Warren were there to present the Heart of Child Award on behalf of Dallas ISD FCNS.

To honor the staff for being nominated, director Bonnie Cheung presented the entire team with an apron signed by the students, a certificate, and candy apple desserts made special by Food and Child Nutrition Services catering department. The cafeteria staff at Gonzalez Elementary School were nominated because they are always there to greet the students with a smile, and are friendly and nice to everyone they encounter.

“The staff at Gonzalez Elementary is a Five-Star cafeteria who consistently provide students with excellent customer service every day,” Area Specialist Stephanie Warren said. “They are a very dedicated and hardworking, always motivated to perform at their best.”

The food served in the cafeteria is always hot, fresh and nutritious. The students at Gonzalez Elementary School are very fond of the cafeteria staff because they feel that they truly care about the wellbeing of the students. This cafeteria staff is a seven-member team with more than 20 years of experience.

“I tell my staff all the time we are like family,”Cafeteria Supervisor Patricia Smith said. “We get along so well, we cry together, laugh together and are super close. I come to work because of the kids, I love serving them and the teachers are great too!”

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