‘Our Uncommon Heroes’ Spotlight: Ana Fouse and Alfred Williams


May 2-6 is Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week! 

Like their counterparts across the nation, Dallas ISD teachers and staff are uncommon heroes as they play an essential role in student success. During Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week, we invite the community to join us in recognizing the dedicated educators and staff members who wholeheartedly commit themselves to helping all students succeed.

Each day this week, we will recognize a Dallas ISD teacher and staff member in the district. 

Today, we salute Ana Fouse, a teacher at Central Elementary, and Alfred Williams, a Dallas ISD security officer.

Ana Fouse, teacher at Central Elementary
What has been your favorite moment as a teacher?

As a teacher I have the privilege to experience lots of good moments. My favorites are always when my students say they got it, that they understand, when I see the faces of my students’ parents showing how grateful they are because I was able to help their sons or daughters grow academically. But my most favorite moments are when my students feel good about themselves because they are successful in something they’re doing, because they feel that they have mastered a skill.

The best thing about being a teacher in Dallas ISD is…

I love the student population I get to work with; they are from diverse and different backgrounds. I love that I have a chance to help Hispanic parents and parents from other ethnicities get involved with the school. I am passionate about making sure that information is available in their native language, and I always encourage their involvement and participation in class. 

One way you hope to impact students is….

By showing my students that there are people besides their family that care for them, too. I share with them that I have high expectations academically, but I also understand them as human beings. I will love that in 50 years from now my students remember me for what I taught them and for how much I cared for them, how I always believed in their strength to succeed, and for them to be happy in life and to be kind to each other.

Alfred Williams, Dallas ISD security officer
What has been your favorite moment working in Dallas ISD?

Although I’ve had many memorable moments as a security officer with Dallas ISD, there is one moment that I’m most proud to say I was involved with. While working at Gaston Middle School, I helped a student regain his shoes that another student took. After I met with the other student, the child ended up confessing to how he obtained them and I was able to give them back to their rightful owner. The next day, the student’s parents came to personally thank me for helping her son relocate his shoes. It reinforces that we are not just here for our students, but we’re here for the parents and community. 

The best thing about working in Dallas ISD is…

I’ve been fortunate enough to work for the district the last 21 years and have seen quite a bit. I’ve worked across the district at our schools and I’m now at the administration building fulfilling security needs there. The best thing about coming to work is there is never a dull moment in what I do, and I get to meet interesting people daily.

One way you hope to make a difference in Dallas ISD is….

I take pride in what I do, and it’s an honor to be able to protect people and do something that you enjoy to do. Every day I walk around and look under cars, in trees, and behind the bushes because the average person doesn’t look at the things like that, and I’m here to protect them. It is my hope that before I retire in the next two to three years that I continue to get better at what I do everyday.

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