AP students voluntarily spend Saturdays at academic prep sessions


On multiple Saturdays over the past school year, hundreds of Dallas ISD Advanced Placement students have voluntarily spent part of their weekends at prep sessions working to become even higher achieving students.

The prep sessions feature Dallas ISD AP teachers giving lessons in AP subjects that students often find difficult. Kelsey Karcher, Dallas ISD manager of Advanced Academic Services, said the AP prep sessions have become increasingly popular. Last Saturday’s prep session had 564 students attend from across the district.

“The popularity of these AP prep sessions speak to the dedication of our teachers and the quality of our hard-working, high-achieving AP students,” Karcher said.

Students at the AP prep sessions get to choose from different lessons being offered that day. The prep sessions are free, and lunch and bus transportation are provided.

The final AP prep session is scheduled for April 30 at Conrad High School. Go here to learn more about the AP prep sessions.


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