Public School Choice campuses searching for new teaching talent


Teachers looking to explore some of the more innovative options in Dallas ISD are invited to the Public Choice School hiring event set for 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, April 19, at Alfred J. Loos Field House.

This will be a smaller, more targeted hiring event geared toward any campus that falls under the district’s Public School Choice umbrella. This includes Transformation and Innovation, Personalized Learning, Magnet, Montessori, Vanguard, Collegiate Academy and Choice programs.

Dallas ISD is searching for educators who believe in the foundation that Public School Choice is built on: Kids are unique individuals. They learn in different ways; they aspire to different careers; and they are interested in different subjects.

Public School Choice was created to increase the range of educational options for Dallas ISD students, giving them a better opportunity to attend a “best-fit school.” A best-fit school is one where educators can more meaningfully and more deeply engage students by tapping into their specific interests, aspirations and preferred learning styles.

Register for the Public School Choice Job Fair to learn more about the opportunities for teachers in Dallas ISD. Can’t attend the job fair? Contact a Recruitment Coordinator and express your interest in Public School Choice.

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