Preparing Global Citizens: Dallas ISD to Host Two-Way Dual Language Information Fair


Interested in giving your child an opportunity to grow and develop as a global citizen by learning another language and interacting with diverse cultures?

Make plans to attend the Dallas ISD Two-Way Dual Language Fair from 9 a.m. to noon on April 9 at Townview, which is located at 1201 E 8th St.

Dallas ISD is creating global citizens every day by providing students with the opportunity to learn two languages. English speakers can learn Spanish, and Spanish speakers can learn English, in a program called the “Two-Way Dual-Language Program.” In this program, students learn to read, write, and think in both languages, helping students to become bi-literate, bilingual and propelling them into their roles as global citizens.

Developing another language enables a child to perform better academically, enriches a child’s career earning potential, allows a child opportunities to engage in exchanges with other cultures, and empowers a child to better solve problems and make decisions.

Find out at the information fair which campuses offer two-way dual language opportunities, how to enroll your child, and what benefits the program offers.

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Preparing Global Citizens is a four-part series on The Hub providing information on the district’s growing two-way dual-language program.

Part One: What to know about Dallas ISD’s two-way dual-language program

Part Two: Studies show the benfits of two-way dual-language program

Part Three: Parents discuss two-way dual-language opportunities in Dallas ISD


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